Roguelike Toolkit for Rust (RLTK_RS) - Version 0.6.1

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Version 0.6.1 of RLTK is now live! Changes:

  • It fixes some more bugs with DPI scaling (particularly on Macs with Retina).
  • In the name of being a good Rust citizen, it applies some guidelines to feature naming. The ecs feature is now called specs (allowing Legion support in the future!), and the serialization feature is now called serde.
  • The tutorial has been updated to include these.
  • There is now a batched command system, so you can request a drawing context with let mut draw_batch = DrawBatch::new(); (or similar). You can then add calls to the buffer, with calls such as draw_batch.cls();. You need to call .submit(x) at the end, where x is a draw-order hint (to help you ensure that draw calls happen in-order, even if you are in a threaded context). This works inside Specs systems, since it doesn’t require trying to shoe-horn RLTK into a resource (it’s not thread safe internally, so that’s a poor idea).
  • The Specs example has been updated to use systems, and if you are running natively (as opposed to WASM) it will use Specs’ dispatcher system.
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