One Knight in the Dungeon - Build 28

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This is nearly the last alpha build! Thanks to lots of people sending me feedback, I feel the game has significantly improved. This build adds on a LOT of improvements; there should be one more big bag of improvements before I can start calling it “beta”.

What’s new in this build?

Crash Fixes

  • Fix on level change if you have a faster PC than me!
  • The visibility system won’t crash if you restart the game repeatedly.


  • Fog of War now uses a clamping mechanism on coordinates to avoid nasty flickery effects off of the side of the map.
  • Death animations everywhere.

User Interface

  • Fix over-scroll passing through on windows - you won’t zoom the map anymore by scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • Hotkeys for consumables are working well.
  • Focus control on character creation, so the hotkeys work reliably.
  • A new “wait until healed” key, and prompts to wait when you are low on pools.
  • Leaderboard membership is a bit more obvious.
  • Using a skill and not having the points for it now generates a visual warning.
  • Scaling on various windows.
  • The mini-map is MUCH easier to read.
  • The game/combat log is much better formatted, and now visible once more while playing.


  • Enabling auto-scrap no longer automatically scraps consumables for parts.


  • A big pass over baddies means they will almost never one-shot you now.
  • Ranged weapons have undergone a complete balance pass.
  • Wizards have been re-balanced - they were too easy.

Map Enhancements

  • Much better door and light placement in the dungeon levels.
  • Ambient light levels are better in the dungeons.


  • Various AoE spells work better, now.
  • Mouse targeting for AoE spells is greatly improved.
  • Lots of particle effect improvements.
  • Lightning bolts now turn into an explosion if they hit water.
  • Fire effects correctly detonate explosives.

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