One Knight in the Dungeon - Build 6 - More Stability, 3D Mode Play

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Pre-Alpha Release 6 is dedicated to stability. It has sever hundred tiny fixes, mostly surrounding memory issues uncovered in the pre-alpha so far (thanks everyone!). There’s some behind-the-scenes stuff with types that you can read about in Sharing Saturday on Reddit’s roguelikedev subreddit if you are interested.

Steering in 3D Mode

If your camera is in 3D/3rd person mode, the game automatically switches to an appropriate input mode: your “north” key goes forward, “south” goes backwards, “east/west” rotate left/right and “north-east/north-west” strafe. A new setting (in the settings menu) lets you make that your default, should you so wish.

Mobs on the MiniMap

The mini-map now shows monsters! They have ASCII place-holder graphics right now, but they work. This is especially handy in 3rd-person view, since you can’t see what’s behind you.

3rd Person Camera

The 3rd person camera has a wider field-of-view, and is better at handling post-processing effects now.

Easier GUI

I noticed in the last build that not a lot of people found some options! The pull-down menu bar (missed by 3/4 of my testers!) is now onscreen by default, giving quick access to some commands.

Other fixes/changes:

  • Removed vandalizing lamp posts. It didn’t serve much purpose.
  • The hunger clock is MUCH slower - you will get hungry far less often.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent you from entering a tile, for no apparent reason. Data wasn’t cleared properly when changing levels.
  • Fixed a few cases of animations not working.
  • Refactored tool-tip system is a LOT faster.
  • AutoPlay (which is primarily in there for testing) is a lot smarter.
  • The ASCII rendering mode is a LOT faster.
  • Status messages (the -1 that appears over a head when you hit someone for 1 point of damage) system has been redone. It still needs a bit more work, but it no longer lags the game when a lot is going on at once.
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