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Black Future

My github with all the source is here

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up behind-the-scenes stuff:

  • The Entity-Component-System now makes use of variadic templates to build a separate vector of each component type (no polymorphism or pointers); contiguous storage is generally a win.
  • Gave back-ends a similar treatment, so it specializes at compile-time to the back-end I want to use.
  • A thorough refactoring to remove game dependencies from the engine (much faster compile times).

In terms of the game:

  • View-sheds now take into account obstacles, including altitude - so you can look down from a hill, but you can’t see very far up a hill. That should make for some interesting tactical considerations!
  • Settlers now have names, randomly derived from old US census lists. They also have genders, sexual orientations, heights, weights, and d20 system stats.
  • Got the calendar system going, so time advances and sun angle is based on time-of-day.
  • Setup pause/resume.
  • Setup the basics of the “power” system; if Cordex runs out of power, it’s game over. For now, there are some solar collectors (more efficient when its sunny!) - and no drains, so you can’t actually die of this yet.
  • Added the crashed escape pod in which Cordex and the settlers start.
  • Full entity-component serialization, and the game saves when you quit (“play game” resumes where you left off).
  • Some UI work.
  • Setup a “Raws” system: you can define large parts of the game in text files, rather than in code (like in Dwarf Fortress). There’s handy helper methods such as create_component_from_raws(“Solar Collector”) in the game code.

I’m pretty happy with the random settler creation (as I mentioned last week, these are all people from “useless” professions - hence they were on the beta-test ark!). In my last world-gen run, I ended up with Nathaniel Foust (Feng Shui Consultant), Octavio Roper (Pet Whisperer), Reynalda Pike (Telephone Sanitizer), Dorcas Wier (Blogger), and Beryl Perkins (Used Car Dealer).

Here is the latest screenshot, showing power, calendar, viewshed and the crashed escape pod - complete with trail of devastation


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