Tech Support - The Roguelike

Tech Support – The Roguelike

Work and holiday schedules meant that I needed to take a short break from Black Future development, and work on something lighthearted. I’d wanted to do a 7DRL (7-day RogueLike) for a while, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Since I didn’t have seven consecutive days available, I broke it down into chunks – and worked for 40 hours on the total project. My goals were to make a fun coffee-break game, and give RLTK (The RogueLike Toolkit) a good test-run.




You are a fresh-faced intern, newly hired by WidgetCorp. You have a company tablet, hooked into a feed of technical support issues. Your objective is to complete enough tickets to be hired full-time. You have to keep your caffeine supply from running out (otherwise, you fall asleep and lose the game) and also avoid your coworkers (who will tell you miserable tales of woe, causing you to lose hope and quit). It’s a stealth game – you have no attacks (after all, you can’t run around the office beating people – even if they deserve it!), so the goal is to avoid detection while you fix the network. It’s turn-based, with some procedural generation – but I ran out of time and much of the level structure is prefabbed.

How to Play

Navigate the map with the cursor keys, numpad or vi keys. If you are adjacent to coffee, you can drink it by pressing D.

Press T to pull up your tablet, and select a mission (press the number next to the ticket to accept it), and hit ESCAPE to close the window.

You can now press S to see a path to the computer that needs fixing (it will be flashing, also) – warning, the path shown makes no effort to avoid your coworkers (whose visibility area is shown in pink).

You can press G to change your gait between sneaking and walking. When sneaking, you consume twice as much caffeine – but your coworkers have a much harder time finding you.

When you are adjacent to the broken system, press F to fix it. You will be rewarded. Complete enough tickets, and a full-time job is yours!


Tech Support RL – Win64

Windows 64-bit build – UPDATED to use Visual Studio for build (should fix Avast! issues).

TechSupportRL – OS X

Mac OS X build.

Source code may be found on my GitHub page.