Thank you for your interest in Black Future. 0.10.2 is a technical preview release – it shows off the engine capabilities and has a bit of a game associated with it, but it is only about 10% done. We’ll post new versions as they become available.

Now would be a good time to peruse the “How to Play” guide.

9/26/2016 – New Release, 0.10.2. This is a stability release – gameplay hasn’t changed, but it should crash far less frequently.

Nightly Unstable Builds

At this point in development, we’re releasing regular unstable builds. You can download them from:

Build from Source

  1. Ensure that you have packages installed providing development versions of: Boost (system filesystem, iostreams), Lua 5.2, Zlib
  2. Navigate to where you want to install the source. I use ~/Development/github – but it can be whatever you want.
  3. Clone the project: git clone (and wait a while)
  4. Enter the project directory with cd bgame
  5. Run the helper script to setup your build environment: ./ This will create a “build” directory.
  6. Enter the build directory, cd build
  7. Build the game with make. You can use make -j4 (replace the 4 with the number of cores in your system) to speed this step up.

Linux build tested on Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily), amd-64.

RLTK updates periodically, so it’s a good idea to update it when you pull a new version to build.