A much more normal week, so a much more normal changelog!


  • Removed my tone-mapper, following /u/darkgnostic pointing out a contrast issue. It looks much better; I’ll have to revisit tone-mapping at some point, but for now working in regular RGB space is looking a lot clearer – less like everything has a mud coating.
  • Fixed a triangle that was in the wrong place on cubes (you could only really see it if you zoomed and played with camera angles). Cubes are whole once more!
  • Played with some different fonts, and settled on a nice condensed, crisp one.
  • Adjusted my telemetry code to not create threads and load/unload DLLs during play. It now uses Google Analytics as a back-end. Carefully checked that it remains optional, but I find it helpful (and heartening to know that people are playing!). Added a polite “do you mind if we track you?” screen to the first load of the game in the name of not upsetting people.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to not spawn, due to incorrectly reading the raws files.
  • Fixed “go to NPC” on the units list. ImGui doesn’t like identical button labels.
  • Had a good chuckle when the CANADA Tribe of the Friendly Forest killed me (and remembered that I need to fix the “game over” screens, and to fix capitalization).

Asset Creation

  • Made voxel models for: charcoal, kilns, charcoal burning hut, distillery, glass furnace, tanner, mechanic, masonry, loom.
  • Fixed the texture for hematite; it was strangely purple when I was aiming for reddish.


  • Fixed settlers spawning far too often. It’s back to a manageable arrival schedule.
  • Added a particle effect for settlers teleporting down from the mothership.
  • Got the “workflow” screen going, so you can order goods be made from various workshops.
  • Stopped tooltips from telling you what’s in a tile that you haven’t revealed yet.
  • Mining out a tile now gives a particle effect.
  • Fixed the cycle of what happens when a tile is mined out. It reveals the mined tile and the tiles around it (in 3 dimensions), as well as refreshing geometry on chunks all around (no more missing walls when you mined over chunk boudaries). The topology change now correctly forces all of the Dijkstra maps to update.
  • Spent quite a bit of time fixing up settlers who couldn’t figure out how to get to their beds after walls were built. It was a timing problem; the “bed map” wasn’t updating fast enough, and settlers would be confused by newly created obstacles. This in turn would make the settler complain about life and sleep on the ground.
  • Miners and lumberjacks will keep hold of their tools and continue to perform the respective action if there is something to do, and their schedule permits.


  • New Font. It’s Yanone Kaffeesatz from Google Fonts (CC licensed). I’m hoping it’s clearer, while fitting more information onto the screen at once.
  • Short video of the mining system in action. It’s pretty much working well now, with a little more polish required. I keep thinking of improvements to make, but perfection is the enemy of getting anything going at all, so baby-steps…
  • We’ve built a stonecutter, underground – where the stones are. The tiny flying deer in the background are an entertaining bug.
  • The workflow order screen, with a partly constructed base. I put a random assortment of workshops up (tanner, bonecarver+, distillery+, loom, tailor, sawmill, charcoal burning hut+, carpenter+, campfire+, tents+, kiln+, mason, mechanic, smelter, primitive forge) – + denotes “unfinished”. I’m still experimenting with visual styles, so there’s quite the mix’n’match right now. There definitely needs to be better organization of the workflow screen (there are a LOT of things you can do!), but it works for now.