Quick update! I forgot all about Thanksgiving when I posted last week, so I spent much of the week out in the hinterlands with very little Internet service (helping my wife’s family rebuild a house, aligning TV antennas and doing all sorts of non-development related things).

I got a little bit done this week:

  • The designation system for harvesting is working. Design–Harvest brings up the harvest screen, you mouse-over tiles to see what they will yield, and mark them for harvest by clicking (or right click to remove the status). The harvest AI then scurries off and collects vegetables. Most of the veggies don’t have a graphic yet, so you tend to cover your screen in ASCII doing this. Checked, and cooking jobs still work – you can combine vegetables, meats and spices and end up with things like Deer-Onion-Garlic Roast.
  • The designation system for guardposts is working. Design–Guardposts bring up the guardpost screen. Click to guard a point, right-click to clear it. A settler who has a weapon (and any ammo) will stand on the designated spot, when possible. If they run out of ammo, they will go and collect it (if available). Any hostiles who come into range of the tile are attacked. This is meant to be a place-holder system until the military system works, but it’s been so useful that I may keep it as-is AND add militaries!
  • Commented out some ASCII-glyph code until I can figure out why it segfaults occasionally, and apparently at random. I’m definitely doing something stupid, I just haven’t figured out what yet.

That leaves Architecture and Mining (which use very similar systems, so they are grouped together) and the entire old system works under the new graphics. Get those two done, and I can merge back to Master and work on wrapping up the phase 1 objectives (which is basically build a base in a hostile environment, working food/drink/sleep clocks, combat, construction, etc. – most of this is done), and start on phase 2 (making the world make sense, and allow more interaction with it – there’s no point in having a big overworld if it doesn’t DO anything!).

For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!