This week, I turned 42 – and celebrated Life, the Universe and Everything. My lovely wife bought me a copy of Procedural Generation in Game Design (edited by Tanya X. Short and Tarn Adams). I lost a remarkable amount of time later in the week reading it. There’s definitely a lot of inspiration in there. Nox Futura also turned 2 (I started on my birthday!); I’d kinda hoped to have a playable build out to celebrate, but it just isn’t there yet. I’m about a month behind where I thought I’d be overall.

This week, I’ve been really getting into the nuts’n’bolts of making the new graphics engine into a playable game once more. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s getting close – and it feels great to be working on gamey things rather than just graphics once again. 🙂

  • Accidentally borked my Git setup, so the new stuff is in the moderngl2 branch.
  • Fixed ramps leaving holes in geometry.
  • Fixed some holes that were appearing in lighting.
  • Put ImGui theme support back in place, so once again I can have a Mac Look or Cogmind green.
  • Fixed the indenting/base layout of the main menu.
  • Setup a native Visual Studio project, and used it. I really didn’t want to do this (Cmake is so much more cross-platform friendly), but fighting VS’s CMake integration was driving me crazy. So I’ve got it working, and for now I’m focused on a Windows build (but trying to keep it playing nice for quick Mac/Linux ports).
  • The Civilizations list UI is back, so you can list/interact with other civs (the mechanics are still placeholder).
  • The units list UI is back, listing all of your settlers, wildlife in the area, and natives in the area.
  • I got Voxel-based characters rendering with skin color and hairstyle. I’m not liking the result, though, so I’m thinking that for characters I’ll go back to sprites. To that end, I’ve been making a bunch of high-resolution pixel art (using MakeHuman as a base).
  • Worked on making my profiler a bit more fit-for-purpose.



Hopefully, next week I’ll have some updated settler graphics. The voxel characters came out embarrassingly badly!