Other than a brief fight with the flu, progress continues pretty well.

  • The lighting system works once more. It’s moderately clever, in that lighting information is rendered to a 3D texture (very fast) rather than baked into the geometry (quite slow). So lights can easily change each frame, and it doesn’t affect the overall performance.
  • The sun and moon move based on time of day, and also change color appropriately.
  • Re-did some PBR shader code to use a faster method (similar to that found on learnopengl.com).
  • Got rendering for water working, minus reflections (which will come later). Code for windows is also present, but currently doesn’t seem to work.
  • Re-integrated the initiative system.
  • Re-integrated the fluid dynamics system.
  • Got the mouse tracking, including per-pixel texture readback of co-ordinates working once more.
  • Re-integrated the tool-tips system.
  • Added a “damper” to keyboard input, to prevent layer-changes from being REALLY hard to aim!
  • Power-based emergency lighting is back; some ship lights change color based on alert status.
  • Put in the first stage of ramps; they align with neighboring tiles, but don’t have the correct normal yet. They can also leave holes in the terrain, so this will need some more work.
  • Spent a LOT of time fighting Visual Studio in CMake mode, trying to figure out how to change compiler flags. Ugh.
  • Restored mouse-wheel based zooming.
  • Some color fix-ups on voxel models.