TLDR version: automated builds are now available at

I’m gradually ramping up for the next technical preview release (this is a big project, so “alpha” doesn’t apply yet!). To make this happen, I’m:

  • Setting up a repeatable, automated build system for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Scripting compiles and publishes, so as to get the latest code out there in a timely fashion.
  • Hosting them on for download.

WARNING: These are poorly tested, and aren’t what I’d consider “release quality!” They should work – they have been tested briefly on each platform. They should get better – now the system is in place, I’ll be using it to improve build quality over time – before the next “real” release.

Right now, it’s not as automatic as I’d like – once I’ve “blessed” a git release for build, I have to connect into a Linux build server, a Windows build laptop, and an OS X build machine. I then run a “ship” script on each. This fetches the latest code, builds it for the target platform, and bundles it up as a tarball. The tarball is then sent to my webserver, and made available for download. Downloads are date stamped, so you can see which is which. It’s also a misnomer to call them “nightlies” at this point – they build when I tell them to. This should change, but for now it gives you a chance to try out the latest and greatest code.

My hope is that this is easier than building from source.

If you run into troubles using these builds, please let me know. I can be reached via my GitHub. I review issues/messages, and do my best to help.