Other than a little grumpiness that the other Black Future isn’t showing any sign of changing their name, it’s been a pretty good week. Mostly dominated by UI changes, and an “aha” moment when I started to implement bridges and ended up with a much nicer architecture system in general! My lovely wife has put together a short video of the architecture system, after we got the latest build running on her Macbook.


  • Finished switching almost everything GUI-related to ImGui. Added the ability to select a TrueType font and size in the config file for use in ImGui, added colors back into the log panel (ImGui really doesn’t support this, so it’s a bit of a hack). Added FontAwesome icons to ImGui, giving me a quick and easy way to make buttons less boring – as well as giving the GUI a somewhat more professional feel.
  • Added a loading transition screen, so the game doesn’t seem to hang during the transition from main menu to playing. Thread code is so much easier than it used to be, but I still found some entertaining ways to make this fail.
  • Added support for scaling the display. In the config file, you can enter scale_factor=2.0 (or any other float) and the display will scale up/down.
  • Added a new architecture system to let you rapidly build a complex base. It lets you overcommit – you can “spend” building materials you don’t have yet, and as they become available they will be built. It includes hollow/filled selection. I’ll probably extend some of it back into the mining system – it’s really nice to plan out your base in advance, and have the settlers build it as it becomes possible. It probably needs some sort of priority system, so you can designate “build this first” as opposed to whatever is nearest. (If you want more control, you can still build everything as individual build orders).
  • You can now build bridges. Retracting/raising is next week’s project.
  • Ran the game on my wife’s Macbook Pro, and recorded about 12 minutes of video footage (the final video is under 2 minutes! ). It’s surprising how useful this is as a debugging tool – you immediately spot everything that’s wrong as soon as you start showing it off. So now I have a nice short-term buglist again! (If you watch closely, you may notice that the river gradually boils away in the video… it’s actually falling off the edge of the map, and not being replenished correctly). Oops. Shortly after the video ends, everyone died. One poor settler fell into the water while dodging a kobold who snuck up on him. For some reason, the others dived in to get his stuff – and drowned. Hopefully, that’ll be fixed very soon!