This post originally appeared on Reddit’s /r/roguelikedev.

It’s been an insane few weeks, thanks to the holidays and helping out with some kiddos – but there’s been a fair amount of progress; I just haven’t been near a computer at the weekends to post! I’ll try for a real post next week when things have calmed down, for now here’s a changelog:

  • Sawmills gained their own tiles, which gave me the know-how to do the rest of the workshops (in progress).
  • Refactored a bunch of code into their own systems; it’s easier to debug this way, and helps with compile time.
  • Used the new RLTK system template for a message-based system to make some systems smaller/more consistent.
  • Fixed an issue with the setup script; it detects cmake failing and stops trying now!
  • Added offsets to positions, and implemented a “smooth movement” system. It’s still turn-based, but for the ticks that aren’t a settler’s turn he/she will lerp towards their destination rather than completing the move in a single step. It looks a bit better as a result.
  • Refactored the initiative system into a centralized system that handles all initiative, and uses message-passing to activate the relevant AIs.
  • Fixed an entertaining issue that entering “rogue mode” (to control a single settler) also gave the settler immunity to slowdowns; you could ZOOM to anywhere. Nice to see that things work at that speed, but it really messed up the game!
  • Fixed an issue wherein cutting a tree could leave a hole in the ground, rather than a ground tile.
  • Added the first pass at stockpiles – designate stockpile areas, select what goes into a stockpile, and idle settlers (with hauling enabled) will drag items into the appropriate stockpiles.
  • Extended the item raws (Lua) to support stockpile designation; you can add stockpile types and determine what goes in them without a recompile. (Helps make things mod-friendly)
  • Fixed a funny issue in which a building could end up as a bunch of tiles on top of one another if things went wrong in a very specific way.
  • Removed hermaphrodites for now, they were messing up pronoun selection in too many gender-specific strings!
  • F10 now saves a screenshot at any time.
  • Slightly sped-up the passage of time per tick, after calculating how long it should take to walk across a map if it were the real world.
  • Fixed a very silly issue in which trees could be cut down, and would still cast shadows.