Working hard towards getting a 0.10 release. At the urging of my wife, I created a Patreon – just in case people like what they see. I updated the website, and tried to get things looking a little more professional.

The goal right now is to get a 0.10 release available (basically a tech preview). To that end, I’ve been focusing on quality-of-life code, and finishing up the remaining systems that need it:

  • The biggest change is that the world now runs in the background. Sentient beings all over the world continue to roam while you play, and can show up in your active region. It’s still pretty stupid – there’s no planning, just movement to keep things chugging along, but it already helps make things feel alive when you play.
  • Created items for stone age and bronze age civilizations. Initially just weapons and armor, but they use them correctly (and you can take them). I’ve made sure that reactions are in place to let you build these items as they are added.
  • Sentient beings whose civilization hates you will hunt you down. Attacking members of a civilization makes them dislike you more.
  • Early testing showed that a lot of people didn’t like you, and the game was painfully short: spawn, be hunted down by natives and died horribly. To counter this, I’ve given settlers a starting raygun and the ability to spend energy to replicate more ammunition. This at least gives you a fighting chance.
  • The UI now supports mouse control for mode switching. Since other parts are mouse controlled, this just made sense.
  • Fixed a bunch of fun bugs involving dead people who could still shoot back.
  • Improved the color scheme a bit.
  • Skirt wearers can rejoice: floors are no longer transparent. That was an odd bug that led to people trying to shoot through floors.
  • Unconscious people can no longer fight back. They might wake up one day, however.
  • Fixed revealing edges of solid rock during region generation.
  • Slowed down smoke and miasma effects so that you can more easily be annoyed by the stench of decaying corpses.
  • Extensively played the game, looking for things to fix. There’s still quite a list, but we’re pretty close. Maybe next week for release!